johan adamson
johan adamson
As an individual who likes maths, I’m hating division.

No Joke?

Well it’s not.

All this division is dreadful.

I watched “Question Time“ on Thursday.

I was shocked to note folk seeking division all over the place.

Some bemoaning the fact we have not left the EU yet and others wanting Scotland to leave the UK as well as the EU.

Don’t they want any pals at all?

Division and bickering, this is what we have been reduced to.

Unity – that’s what we need.

Compromise, working together, a leader to unite us internationally as well as nationally, to tackle inequalities people face across the globe, not bicker about what’s ours and what is theirs.

Labour has a quandary.

How to respect the result of the referendum yet stop us going over that cliff edge with the no deal.

No deal means a worse deal than we have with the EU now.

That was not what we voted for.

No it is not procrastination, it is a need to take time to get it right.

The thing is all the time has been wasted by the Tories on infighting.

This is not Labour’s mess to sort, but Labour wants to take on the challenge, for the good of the country, so that working people are no worse off than they are currently.

Negotiating a new deal, a new customs union with the EU is a good compromise.

Truthfully, do people really want to be out with no deal to be worse off than they are now?

If we take this election seriously, this is possibly the first time ever we have done so.

Nigel Farage has not stood up for fishermen in his job.

That much is plain.

The CFP is responsible for much of the situation we find ourselves in, and the people who should have sorted it out did not do so.

Returning a party who will fight for the fishermen’s rights within any deal is imperative.

I believe Labour will do so.

Out or in the EU we still have neighbours, and if the fish move further north we must be prepared to future proof the industry and negotiate with more northern neighbours too.

But we also need to not be greedy, to compromise, because any fight over natural resources has got to recognise others needs too, the needs of the neighbours.

We need international negotiation too.

Labour has promised also to honour the farming subsidies and grants that we receive at the moment, with any new deal, ensuring that the fragility of the Highlands and Islands economy is protected, and people’s livelihoods are not threatened when we leave the EU.

So please vote, and vote for a party seeking to unite the country, not divide it, and a party that recognises that no deal is a worse deal than we currently enjoy.

Vote Labour, support a better deal than no deal for the entire nation and perhaps for the entirety of Europe.
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